A Take A Day – Take 009 (Remember FRISAT)


Part 3 of the daily roundup of house music :).

Remember FRISAT comes from Friday and Saturday. So do you remember what you did last night? What about Friday night?

Anyways, enjoy it, as much as I enjoyed making it.


  1. Mark Mendes – Beneath You (Original Mix)
  2. Mandala Bros – Fallin (J and S Remix)
  3. Prom feat. Katherine Ellis – Do It (Ian Carey Mix)
  4. Matt Rowan & Jay Tech – House Revisited (Dumb Dan Remix)
  5. Bruno Barudi and E Akila – Funk Music (Live Mix)
  6. Belocca – White Water (Jolly Remix)
  7. Liquid Nation feat. Andrea Britton – Breathe Life (Fish and Chips Mix)
  8. No Tone feat. Inusa Dawuda – Down Down Down (Mattias Remix)
  9. Teo Moss & Fanny – I need You (Electro Version)
  10. Lil Mo Yin Yang – Reach (TV Rock Mix)
  11. Moon Fighter – Last Round

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